Garibaldi Theatre

Province of Palermo

The Garibaldi Theatre has a fabulous interior and it houses the concerts of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra Foundation

The Garibaldi Theatre aka Politeama is another marvellous theatre in Palermo. An excellent architectural building erected in the heart of the city as a theatre for the locals – a “community theatre.”

This exquisite theatre is a must see in Palermo simply for its architectural importance. It was inaugurated in 1874 although it was still lacking a roof that was later added on. An all time favourite is the entrance characterised by a neoclassical triumphal arch crowned by a two wheeled wagon pulled by four horses. The interior is also fabulous. You can take a 20 minute tour inside or probably your best way to enjoy it is to attend a concert of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra Foundation which is housed in this theatre.

Admission Fee: €5.00 Full/ €4.00 reduced (under 18; over 65; or groups of at least 20)/ Free for children under 6 years of age

Opening Times: 9.30-18 Everyday

Address: Piazza Ruggero Settimo, Palermo

Tip: This location is a major stop for numerous buses. It is one of the bus stops where you can take the bus to and from  the airport.

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