Garibaldi Door in Marsala

Province of Trapani

The Garibaldi Door is one of the main cultural attractions of Trapani. 

Defined by the Villafranca marquess as the most noble and charming door of the city, the Garibaldi door, called Porta di Mare until the arrival of Garibaldi and his Mille, was built in 1685 with the typical architecture of the sixteenth century.
The gate is located near Piazza Addolorata and it is one of the four doors of the city with Porta Mazara, Porta Nuova, Porticella. On the top of the door, a golden eagle is a reminder of the importance of the Asburgo colonisation of Marsala and a large gravestone shows the date of its construction. Its Baroque style and its astonishing majesty make this gate one of the most attractive monuments of the city.

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