Giardini Ipogei

Favignana Island

The Giardini Ipogei are considered as the icon of Favignana’s Island. 

The Giardini Ipogei are regarded as one of the gems of the Aegadian Islands. These fascinating gardens used to be quarries dug to extract the local stone: Calcarenite (limestone). This stone is very fine and has an intense white colour due to a large amount of calcium. These quarries have been transformed into spectacular gardens, creating an evocative and unusual atmosphere in the downtown centre and in its surrounded area. The territory of Favignana has been shaped by the “pirriatura” (stonemasons) which has given rise to these different and unusual forms. When the quarries were abandoned, the islanders transformed them into majestic gardens. Walking around the island it is possible to discover a series of different caverns enriched by a lush vegetation. In these places you can admire many crops and beautiful fruit trees such as fig, almond, pear, orange and prickly pear which all fill the landscape with colours and aromas. Thanks to these unusual gardens, Favignana offers a unique experience to its visitors, where they can discover different mix of nature and architecture.

The Giardini Ipogei represent a high expression of local identity and human creativity, so they were written into the “Book of Expressions by REIL Egadi” in accordance with the principles of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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