Gioeni Park

Catania City

The Gioeni Park is the largest park in Catania and it has been made on volcanic land.

Gioeni Park, set on a small hill, is famous for its mixed vegetation with lots of native Mediterranean plant species such as the olive tree, bougainvillea, oleander, agave and prickly pear, and all the paths have been made using the molten rock. Walking through the park it is possible to admire ruins from the Acquedotto dei Benedettini built in 1649.

The park offers a huge space completely dedicated to kids with a playground as well as basketball, volley and football courts. The park also includes a brand new skate park with a mini-ramp, fun box, quarter pipe and banks. It is a unique location that involves citizens providing events and international competitions that have transformed the city of Catania into a multicultural metropolis.

Athletes, kids and skateboarders are all involved in the growth of this park and its renovation.

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