Greek-Roman Theatre of Taormina

Province of Messina, Taormina

The Greek-Roman Theatre of Taormina is one of the treasured marvels in the province of Messina.

Over an hour drive from Messina is the lovely town of Taormina with its precious jewel: the impressive greek-roman theatre. The Greek-Roman Theatre of Taormina is one of the treasured marvels in the province of Messina. It is the second largest theatre of greek origins in Sicily – the first is in Syracuse.

Built in the 3rd century B.C. from the greeks, it was then modified by the romans. The greeks used stone blocks from Taormina (similar to marble) to build this theatre while the Romans are known for their work of restoration and extension that took almost a decade.

The theatre is divided in three parts: the stage, the orchestra and the audience seating. Today you can still see the bases of the columns in the stage area that used to decorate the stage. next to the stage there are two big rooms used from the actors for costume changes and in the lower part of the stage was the musicians area, the orchestra. The audience seating was created on a series of steps going from the stage and up into the hill.

Today the theatre can be visited during the day but is also in use with its original function. The Theatre of Taormina is the perfect setting for a relaxed evening of culture overlooking the Sicilian coast!

Admission Fee: €8.00 full / €4.00 reduced

Opening Times: 9.00-16 or 19 depending on the month

Address: Via Teatro Greco, 40, Taormina ME

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  • Was the Greek-Roman Theatre of Taormina used as a location site during the production of the movie; Stop-over Forever (1965).

    Thank you very much and I look forward to your response.


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