Heraclea Minoa Beach

Province of Agrigento

Heraclea Minoa is well known for its beautiful sandy bay, close to the bottom of town.

Heraclea Minoa is 25km west of Agrigento, it’s an ancient Greek village at the mouth of the river Platani, dating back to the 6th Century BC.
This fascinating village is well known for its beautiful sandy bay, close to the bottom of town so you can easily appreciate the peace and the natural shade of the beach. There is also a car park area near the pine forest where the sound of the crickets singing and the crisp shadow of trees can be a suitable mix for a long nap. Near the seaside there are lots of bars and restaurants where people love tasting local food or relaxing during the hottest hours of the day.
If you want to go sightseeing there is an interesting archeological site close to the bottom of town where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view. This small village really conveys the feel and atmosphere of an ancient town.

How to get there:
By Car:
Get on SS115 in Villaseta from Via Giuseppe GaribaldiStrada Statale 189/SS189 and Viadotto Akragas/SS115qtr. Follow SS115 to Strada Provinciale 30/SP30 in Cattolica Eraclea. Take the exit towards Cattolica Eraclea from SS115. Continue on SP30.

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