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City of Catania

Hiking lovers can find the list of the most interesting activities in Catania and its province:

Etna Hike Excursions 
The Etna Hike provides a series of excursions such as:
Etna Full Day Tour
Visitors can discover the “Bove Valley”, a lave cave, the ancient extinct craters, the view on the summit craters, the endemic species, lava flows.The prices for this excursions are is 69€ for adult, 59€ for more than two participants, from May to September the tour. The adult fee is 65€ and 55€ for more than two participants, from October to April.

Etna Half Day Morning Tour
Tourists and hiking lovers can visit the “Bove Valley”, the lava cave, the ancient extinct craters and the view of the Summit Craters. The prices for this type of excursion from May to September is 55€ for adults and 49€ for more then two people. From October to April the fee is 49€ and 45€ for more then two participants.

Full day Trekking
This tour allows you to discover the wonderful nature trails of the volcano and the incredible cultural aspects of the territory.From May to September the price is 65€ for adult and 59€ for more than two participants. From October to April the fee is 59€ and 55€ for more than two people.

The tours will be in Italian, English and French.

For more information and more tours:

Etna Sicily Guide 
The Etna Sicily Guide is an association created by geologists, volcanologists and experts. Here you can find a series of special tours which allows you to discover the impressive nature heritage of this part of Sicily, such as:
Morning Adventure, a morning tour on Etna; Sunset Adventure, a soft trekking afternoon hike along the southern slopes of Etna; Etna& Alcantara tour, an half day tour in Etna and a walk through the icy waters of the Alcantara; Etna Flight tour, an exciting trip by plane with a volcanologist.

The guides speak English, Italian and French

To find out more information and more details about the excursion:

Etna Experience Tours
Etna Experience is an association of expert guided, geologist and volcanologist who created a collection of tours suitable for all tastes and people:

Full day tour
It is an easy level excursion which starts at 9.00 from the North-East side of Etna. Here the guides will help you to discover the impressive volcano passing through ancient woods, craters, lava caves and the fascinating Alcantara gorges.
Participation fees:
68€ from May to September
59€ from April to October

Etna & Wine Tour
This one day tour allows you to discover the marvellous natural environment of one of the most important volcano in Europe including the visit to a winery and its vineyards where you can taste the four Etna Doc wines combined with fresh local products.
Participation fees:
68€ from May to September
59€ from April to October

Summer Sunset Experience
The tour starts at 3.30 pm until 9.00 pm. The path includes the lava caves and the Bove Valley allowing visitor to enjoy the view of the sunset from the top of the volcano and when Etna is active is aimed to see the lava glowing red in the dark. The tour takes place from June to September and the price for this excursion is 54€ for adults and 48€ for children and students under 24 years old.

The tours will be in Italian, English, and upon request in Spanish and French.

Etna Adventure – Giarre (CT)
Etna Adventure offers a series of activities for all tastes:

Tourists and sport lovers can discover wonderful canyons , rocky outcrops and crystal clear water where it possible to swim and dive.

An underground trip inside the volcano discovering impressive caves and craters.

Find out a series of incredible paths created to visit the most beautiful places located on the highest volcano in Europe.

4wd Tours
Exciting paths “stop and go” on board on comfortable off-road vehicles (Land Rover Discovery) with short walks on foot.

Winter Excursions
It is a different and fascinating tour to visit Mount Etna in winter, when the black slopes of the volcano are covered with a white and soft snow.

it is a perfect combination of our best sport activities to make you enjoy the unique and highest volcano in Europe.


AitneMed – Catania
AitneMed is a group of experienced guides who can help you to discover the impressive Etna through a series of interesting tours. The excursions take place all year round either hiking, skiing or mountain biking on remote trails and snowy slopes allowing you to explore all the different outdoor options our mountain has to offer. Here some of the most important tours:

The Ice Cave (Grotta del Gelo) is a 7-9 hours tour suitable for who have a good level of fitness and hiking gear.
Tours of Etna – the top craters is a one day tour which starts from the Rifugio Sapienza on the southern side of Etna. It is a 5 hours path and from the top of the volcano you can enjoy a beautiful 360° view of the island and the Aeolian islands. The price of this excursion is 75-80€ per person including the 4×4 truck and cable car.

Bove Valley –Canalone della Montagnola offers the opportunity to visit the summit craters and the lava fields. The tours takes 4 hours and it costs 55€ per person.

Etna – ski touring provides a huge playground for off-piste skiing and hiking lovers. The price is 60€ per person.

Mountain Biking on Etna, is a eight hours route which starts from the Nicolosi southern side and crossed the old lava flows and the impressive Mediterranean forests.

The tours will be in Italian, in English and German.

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