Isola delle Femmine Beach

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Isola delle Femmine is a nature reserve which includes a kilometre of turquoise sea.

Isola delle Femmine is located in front of a small village called Isola, and it is dominated by a watchtower of the 16th century. Isola delle Femmine means Island of Women, but the origin of the name is shrouded in mystery thanks to two intriguing legends. The first story speaks about a female prison located on the island during the 16th century, while the second tells the dramatic story of Count Capaci who felt in love with a young and beautiful local woman, filled with extreme jealousy he imprisoned her on the island so no other man could touch her. However as this woman didn’t return his love, and on a stormy night with turbulent seas, she fell to her death on the rocks.
Today this wonderful island is a nature reserve run by LIPU, represented by almost a kilometre of turquoise and translucent sea. In front of the island there are lots of fully equipped lidos where it is possible to eat some tasty lunch on the beach.

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