House of Luigi Pirandello

The Theatre, The House and The Library of Pirandello

The House of Pirandello is a museum where you will find memorabilia of all sorts.

As Shakespeare is to the English audience, so is Luigi Pirandello for the Italians: both masters of their language who created some of the most important literature in their respective counties.

Luigi Pirandello was a an Italian dramatic novelist, poet and short story writer in the late 19th- early 20th century. Important innovator in modern drama, he won a Nobel Prize in Literature just a few years before his death. The volume of his work is impressive. A stop at the House of Pirandello can be considered an unusual visit but you are sure to find some interesting text here.

Born in 1867 in the countryside of Agrigento  overlooking the  sea, Pirandello had an interesting life full of struggles and challenges. Today his native home is a museum where you will find memorabilia of all sorts: personal belonging, photographs, letters, manuscripts, first  edition books, posters of his most famous plays and the greek vase used as an urn to carry his ashes. The rooms on the ground floors are used for temporary exhibits.

Admission Fee: €4.00 Full/ € 2.00 reduced /€1.00 local

Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-19.00

Address: Contrada Caos Villaseta, Agrigento Ph.+39 0922511826

It is also possible to visit the grave of the poet from 9.00 to 17.00

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