Maniace Castle

Province of Syracuse

The Maniace Castle is enjoyed by the public for its 13th century architecture and baroque style restoration.

Standing on the tip of the island of Ortigia, the Maniace Castle dominates the city of Syracuse and overlooks the entrance to Siracusa’s sheltered bay. Built by Frederick II in the thirteenth century between 1232 and 1240, it was used as a royal residence, and then under the reign of Ferdinand II of Aragon it became a horrible prison. During the Napoleonic Wars, the castle was equipped with cannons due to its strategic location and in 1860 was conquered by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian general who fought for the unification of Italy.

Maniace Castle body 1

The remarkable main door has a massive archway decorated with inlayed marble, but the castle itself was designed in the typical military style – a square structure with a tower in each corner. Today the castle is enjoyed by the public for its 13th century architecture and baroque style restoration, and as a beautiful piece of Syracuse’s history.

Maniace Castle body 2

Address: Isola di Ortigia
Tel.: 0931 464420

Opening Hours : 
Mon-Sun 9:00 to 1:45pm

Admission fee:
Adult :  4,00 €
Concession:  2,00 €

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