Micio Conti Nature Reserve

Province of Catania

Micio Conti Nature Reserve includes impressive lava cave complex and wonderful ancient ruins.

The Micio Conti Nature Reserve is a beautiful green area which was created in 1998 to preserve the impressive lava cave complex located in the area of Catania. The most important caves are: Micio Conti, Cantarella, Tedeschi, Immacolatella I, Immacolatella II, Immacolatella III, Immacolatella IV, Cava del Fico. This protected area also includes oak forests and a vast Mediterranean vegetation. In terms of wildlife, the caves preserve the bat colonies of Miniopterus and Myotis breeds. This reserve is rich in ruins relating to ancient agricultural activities such as the farmers stone houses, terraces and the Guardiola Cantarella, an ancient Spanish tower which dominates the reserve.



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