Morgantina Archaeological Site

Province of Enna

Morgantina includes incredible archaeological findings dating back to the Greek domination.

Morgantina is a sicilian-greek-hellenistic archaeological site in the province of Enna, in east central Sicily. The nearest town is 2 kilometres from the site, Aidone, and it was founded by the Normans in the XI century probably as a neighbourhood of Morgantina.

Morgantina has been under the eyes of archaeologist since the early 1900 as its history is so old. Apparently the first traces date back to 1300 B.C. when King Morges from central Italy came to this area and founded Morgantina. Subsequently the Greeks took over the city and then the Romans.

The heart of this city, the Agora’, had been set between hills and was characterised by the Colle della Cittadella – hill of the citadel- which was the seat of the Acropolis. The huts inside the Acropolis had a square layout suggesting this was an agricultural village. As well as huts, there is also a sacred area that had small temples and an archaic naiskos, a 32 meter temple of the 6th century B.C.!  Today in this site you can admire the ancient walls but the towers are not there anymore, only some bulwarks (smaller defensive towers part of the defensive system of the walls). The Sanctuary of the divinities of Ctonie, Demetra and Kore and the Greek theater are some of the sites you will see here in Morgantina.

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