Mussomeli Castle

Province of Caltanissetta

Mussomeli Castle is a magic and evocative palace where it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of the coastline. 

Just an hour drive away from the city of Caltanissetta –  between Palermo and Agrigento – you will find the small town of Mussomeli with its fantastic Mussomeli Castle. This castle is definitley an architectural marvel you must see!

Built in 1370 by Manfredi Chiaramonte III, this Norman-Gothic castle stands in a strategic position overlooking the whole valley as it is on top of a high limestone crag almost 800 meters above sea level. Therefore you can expect the views from up here to be outstanding!

Castle of Mussomeli body 1

The Mussomeli Castle has not undergone radical changes throughout its history therefore you can get a clear idea of the Sicilian gothic style. The ruins of a great past have been well preserved. The castle was built on 3 levels: the chapel (with the precious alabaster depicting the Madonna della Catena 1516), the aristocratic apartments and an underground. with large halls, dungeons and torture cells. Here you will find the ‘Prison of Death’ where the condemned were kept till they were lowered through a passageway door and drowned!

To reach the top of the castle there are many steps – often uneven- so be ready to walk. Give yourself at least an hour to go through the whole castle. You can chose to get a private guide through the castle but book it in advance to make sure you find one!

… Particularly interesting here is also the smart water system and technique to cool down the rooms that had used.


Admission Fee: € 3,00 Full/ € 2,00 reduced for children between 11-14 years of age and adults over 65/ Free for children under 10 years of age/ to book a guided tour you must reserve it at the tourist center mobile number +39.0934.961111

Opening Times: In the Summer from Tuesday to Sunday 9.30-12.00 & 15.30-18.00 In the Winter only Saturday & Sunday from 9.30-12.00

Address: Contrada Castello, Mussomeli

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