Sicani Mountains Nature Reserve

From Palermo to Agrigento

Sicani Mountains Nature Reserve includes offers a wild natural environment including the oldest river of Sicily: the Platani River. 

Located between the provinces of Agrigento and Palermo, the Sicani Mountains offers a fascinating natural environment emphasised by the ancient myth of Icarus and Daedalus. This mountain chain has an ancient history and it housed some of the oldest and charming civilisations who colonised the island such as the Sicans, Phoenicians and Greeks. Later in the nineteenth century, the Sicani Mountains was one of the most important mining areas in Sicily. Miners used the limestone bedrock to extract many valuable minerals.

The area is bordered by Ficuzza in the north, Salemi in the west, Agrigento to the south and Caltanissetta in the east. The highest parts of the chain are Rocca di Bussambra (1613 m. a.t.s.) and Mount Cammarata which is over 1500 meters. Today the Sicani Mountains is the fifth nature reserve in Sicily including four smaller reserves: Valle del Socio and Palazzo Adriano, Mount Carcaci, Mount Genuardo and Mount Cammarata. This green area contains more than 700 rare plant species and an extended wood which includes oak and holm trees.
The most important rivers of the island originate from this wonderful mountain chain including the oldest one is the Platani river which the ancient Greeks called the Halykos.

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