Nature Reserve of Laguna di Capo Peloro

Province of Messina

The Nature Reserve of Laguna di Capo Peloro is  included in the UNESCO Water Project and it preserves over 400 aquatic species.

The Nature Reserve of Laguna di Capo Peloro is the extreme north-east point of Sicily, close to the tiny village of Ganzirri, in the province of Messina. The area is considered the entrance point to the Stretto of Messina with its important lighthouse. In the reserve it is possible to find a mineral water source that generates a dense ascent of bubbles of gas.

The nature reserve preserves over 400 aquatic species, and here it is possible to admire the Pylon, a charming English tower, considered a very fascinating and evocative place to visit. Thanks to its particular environment the Laguna of Capo Peloro was included in the UNESCO Water Project in 1972 and it was acknowledged as a natural site of great value by the Italian Botanical Society.

One thought on “Nature Reserve of Laguna di Capo Peloro”

  • Hi,
    The Pylon and the English tower are two different things. The Pylon was built to bring electricity in the 50’s between the island and the mainland.
    The Torre degli Inglesi (English Tower) is a rectangular base defence tower located about 40 m from the present shoreline, probably built on an abandoned Roman tower.
    I hope you can correct the inaccuracy.
    Anyway i like your promotional videos.

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