Nature Reserve of Preola and Gorchi Tondi

Province of Trapani

The Nature Reserve of Preola and Gorchi Tondi includes an incredible karst origins basin.

The Nature Reserve of Preola and Gorghi Tondi, entrusted to the WWF, protects a strip of territory that extends from Mazara del Vallo to Torretta Granitola, about 1 km from the sea, with an area of 335.62 hectares.

From Mazara del Vallo, you can visit first the Murana lake, dry since a long time ago, then the Preola lake, and then the Gorghi, which are three circular mirrors of water surrounded by dense marsh vegetation typical of the Mediterranean coastal ponds.

The area comes from a basin of karst origins where rains have eroded the chalky soil to form the natural lakes; it is surrounding by a wonderful vegetation which creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere

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