Nature Reserve of Stagnone di Marsala

Province of Trapani

The Nature Reserve of Stagnone di Marsala includes a wonderful natural environment characterized by white and pink flamingos.

The Nature Reserve of Stagnone di Marsala is a magical place, it offers a lovely natural environment and a breathtaking landscape characterised by lively colours, smells, and the slow pace of the waves that gently cradling the small fishing boats. This protected area stretches from the northern coast of Marsala, overlooking the Egadi archipelago, to the city of Trapani.

Its name derives from the “Stagnone”, a charming lagoon place in the reserve, which stretches from Punta Alga to San Teodoro, including four tiny island: Mozia, Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria.

During the Phoenician colonization, the lagoon was considered a strategic point to defend the surrounding villages and Mozia was the most important place to control trade between East and West. Otherwise, it became very famous during the Spanish domination, in XV century, when they built the salt pans along its coast, increasing the fishing activity.

The reserve includes several variety of fish species such as sea bream, sea bass, mullet, eels, cuttlefish, octopus, crustaceans and lots of rare migratory bird species like the wonderful white and pink flamingos.

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