Nature Reserve Pino D’Aleppo

Province of Ragusa

Nature Reserve Pino D’Aleppo is a stunning green area which preserves the rare Pinus Halapensis.

The Nature Reserve Pino D’Aleppo, a suggestive place close to the cities of Vittoria, Comiso and Ragusa,  was created in 1990 by the Region of Ragusa, to protect 3,000 hectares of pure nature. The Nature Reserve has been established with the aim to preserve the rare Pinus Halapensis and the extended pine forest which includes precious and rare species of pines. The Pinus halepensis, is an ancient pine typical of the Mediterranean region including Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Italy, and Croatia, and east to Greece.

The Ippari river flows into the reserve with three ancient sources, creating a beautiful valley always considered a good place for agricultural activities. The Nature Reserve also protects lots of important trees species such as absence, dwarf palm, kermes oak, poplar trees, willow trees, mastic tree, rosemary and citrus trees. Moreover the area is home of several mammals such as weasel fox, rabbit, hare, hedgehog, and many species of bats.

This green area is considered as a gem of the province of Ragusa as well as the Fiume Irmino Reserve.

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