Nebrodi Park

Province of Messina

The Nebrodi Park is a paradise to hikers

The biggest natural protected area in Sicily is the Nebrodi Park. A paradise to hikers! Covering over 86.000 hectares of beautiful landscape, this park offers several itinerary options that you can check here.

Established since 1993, the Nebrodi Park has been home to numerous small mammals, reptiles and amphibians as well as larger species and migratory birds. With its large woodland there is a rich vegetation to be explored. Some of the most interesting sights in this park are the Catafurco Waterfall (668 meters altitude), the Crasto Rocks (a rocky massive limestone from the Mesozoic era, also home to royal eagles), Impallaccionata Castle, Biviere Lake, Mount Soro, Mistretta Waterfalls, Serra del Re and many others.

Admission Fee: Free to the park but a tour guide is needed to lead you through the park here are the options  or if you are an expert leading a group they will provide you a map (for a small charge).

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 7.30-14.00 & Wednesday also from 14.00-18.00 / Saturday & Sunday closed

Address: Via Ruggero Orlando, 126, 98072 Caronia ME


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