Nettuno Fountain

Messina City

The Nettuno Fountain is one of the main attraction in Messina which is characterised by incredible details. 

The 16th century Neptune Fountain is another work of art by the florentine artist Fra’ Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, a disciple of Michelangelo, the same artist that designed the Orione Fountain. Contrarily to this last fountain, the Neptune fountain miraculously survived the brutal earthquake that hit Messina in 1908.

The fountain is structured in a pyramidal shape -just like the Orione fountain- and of course the god Neptune stands strong above the rest of the fountain holding his notorious weapon, the Trident. Below him are four seahorses rappresenting the ocean and in-between appear Scilla and Cariddi. Other decorations around the fountains are the bit eagles that symbolize Spain with the imperial stem on their chest and on the side there are shields with a cross, the stem of the city of Messina. The description of this fountain could go on and on due to the high number of details, therefore the best way to fully get a sense of the beauty of this fountain is to just go and admire it for yourself!

Admission Fee: Free

Opening Times: All day

Address:  Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Messina

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