Nightlife in Catania

City of Catania

The nightlife in Catania offers a good selection of bars, cafes and clubs for all tastes.

Catania is well known for its lively nightlife thanks to the presence of many students and tourists. This energetic city offers a good selection of bars, cafes and clubs for all tastes. If you want to be updated on what’s going on in Catania pick up a free copy of Lapis, a bimonthly magazine which lists all the main events and local entertainment in the city and in Palermo. The old town centre has a wide variety of bars where you can enjoy a traditional Aperitivo, such as the Enoteca Sud Est, a lovely wine bar which offers a selection of local wines and delicacies; the Razmataz, an other delightful wine bar; the Stag’s Head is a typical pub with a good selection of homemade beers; the Enola Jazz Club is a famous venue where you can attend Italian and international Jazz concerts. In addition for the disco lovers, the Red Light provides good techno and retro hits music selections.

Close to the city, 20 minutes drive from Catania, there is the Mercati Generali. Framed by huge palms and often lit up with candles, this amazing club has three rooms, and is the location of many summer concerts and events. It has a palm-shaded courtyard, open air stage and a terrace with a restaurant. The music varies from hip hop and R&B, to serious house, drum & base, dubstep and more. Usually this venue provides impressive shows and live performances with popular artists and DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Manu Chao and Jamie Lidell.

The entrance is free before midnight and later the fee includes a tasty free cocktail or a glass of Prosecco.

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