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Sicily sunshine the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery.

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Need help in planning what to do in Sicily? Do you want some cool advice for your amazing holiday in the Island? On this page, you will find everything you need to know to plan your next visit. From each region to every city and nearby towns, we are here to bring you in the heart of Sicily! We will reveal all the important monuments, churches and castles, the stunning beaches, the incredible excursions to explore this island rich of history and culture. And if you don't know where to eat or sleep, we will help you out with that too! Do you want to know where to go…what to see…where to sleep…what to eat… Use the filters below to customise your research and get the best of this wonderful land!

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Diving associations in Messina

Diving in Messina’s seabed will be an unforgettable experience.  Booking an excursion you can discover the marvellous natural environment of its seabed. Here …

Hiking associations in Messina

Hiking lovers can find the list of the most interesting activities in Messina and its province: Associazione Naturalistica i Nebrodi Santo …

Riding centre in Caltanissetta

You can discover the wonders of the natural environment of Caltanissetta with a series of amazing riding tours.  Riding tours are …

Diving associations in Agrigento

Diving in the wonderful sea of Agrigento’s coast will be an unforgettable experience.  The diving centre in Agrigento allows you …

Quad Tours in Agrigento

You can discover the wonders of the city of Agrigento booking some unconventional tours by Quad The Quad Tours in …

Skydiving centre in Agrigento

Avio Terranova Volo Club Parapendio Menfi (AG) 

Hiking and Trekking centre in Agrigento

Associazione Oros – Cammarata (AG) Excursions, guided tours to protected areas, botanical gardens, museums, educational farms, dog trekking.

Riding centre in Catania

Amico del cavallo Since 1993 this riding centre provides courses and special excursions ideal for your holiday in Catania including …

Diving centre in Catania

Centro immersioni Aci Trezza  (CT) This association provides a series of courses and excursions suitable for children (4 -16 years …

Sky Diving associations in Catania

Sky Diving lovers can find the list of the most interesting centre in Catania and its province Etna Fly – Pedara (CT)  …

Hiking associations in Catania

Hiking lovers can find the list of the most interesting activities in Catania and its province: Etna Hike Excursions  The …

Fossa di Vulcano

Fossa di Vulcano offers a wonderful view of the Vulcano Island and its impressive natural environment.  Fossa di Vulcano, a fascinating …

Lipari Cathedral

Lipari Cathedral

Vulcano Thermal Baths

Vulcano Thermal Baths

Stromboli Crater

Stromboli volcano offers an amazing experience to its visitors who can climb its crates attending the impressive eruptions at dusk.  Stromboli …

Aeolian Museum

The Aeolian Museum is considered the heart of the cultural activities of the archipelago.  The Aeolian Museum (Regional Aeolian Archeological Museum …

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