Palazzo Abatellis – Regional Gallery

Palermo City

The Palazzo Abatellis is currently home to the regional art gallery of Sicily.

Located in the Kalsa neighbourhood, the 15th-century castle looking Palazzo Abatellis is a Catalan-Gothic building that is currently home to the regional art gallery of Sicily. The 19 rooms of the Palazzo Abatellis exhibit surprisingly fine artwork that is mainly late Medieval and Baroque. Most artefacts were acquired after 1866 when many religious orders were suppressed.

Regional art galleries may sound a bit boring when visiting other countries but if you have extra time on your trip consider the Abatellis Palace. Most people are surprised from the high quality of the medieval and the 16th-century art that is housed here. This gallery is highly recommended for art lovers although there are not the most notorious painters and sculptures.

Admission Fee: €8.00 Full/ €4.00 reduced / various options for combined tickets

Opening Times: Tuesday to Friday 9.00-19.00 (last ticket sold 18.30)/ Saturday, Sunday 9.00-13.30 (last ticket sold 13.00)/ Closed Monday

Address: Via Alloro, 4 Palermo

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