Porto Palo Beach & Lido Fiore ⚑

Province of Agrigento

Porto Palo Beach and Lido Fiore have been awarded the Blue Flag in 1998.

Porto Palo Beach is a small town located in the North West part of Sicily. An amazing little hamlet of Menfi village in the district area of Agrigento. Porto Palo is characterized by a quiet and healthy kind of lifestyle. From the main square of the village you will be able to take part in everyday life; observing fishermen while they are fishing, old people sitting all together in front of the sea reminiscing about their beautiful past while black dressed austere women go to the church.

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Porto Palo Beach and Lido Fiore are energetic beach resorts born at the foot of a watchtower of the sixteenth century. These two beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) since 1998, thanks to the excellent preservation of the environment. Lido Fiore is an extended sandy beach perfect for those more relaxing days. Here you can enjoy a calm and chilled landscape, pristine waters and wonderful marine flora. However from Porto Paolo and Lido Fiore it’s also possible to reach many other stunning beaches such as the Natural Reserve of Foce del Belice and Triscina di Selinunte.

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