Punta Braccetto beach

Province of Ragusa

Punta Braccetto is a perfect location for family holidays due to its quiet lifestyle.

Punta Braccetto is characterized by a long sandy beach and a rocky coast known as the Canalotti. Across the years this beach has become a favourite place for family holidays due in part to its quiet lifestyle. The coast does also allows water sport lovers to practice several activities such as snorkelling, diving and underwater fishing. There are three beautiful beaches: the beach Vigliena, is 500 meters long, is nestled between two rocky ridges that protect it from the currents, the beach of Eurydice, its name derives, as the legend says, from it being the burial place of the mythological Orpheus’ wife. The last one is the Spiaggione, which is the nature reserve of Randello. The beach is devoid of any real amenities so bring your umbrella and suncream!

How to get there:

By Car:

From Ragusa

Get on Strada Provinciale 60/SP60. Continue on SP60 to Santa Croce Camerina. Continue on Strada Regionale 24. Drive to Via dei Canalotti in Punta Braccetto.


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