Rock Climbing Clubs in Catania

City of Catania

Rock climbing lovers will find impressive location close to the city of Catania thanks to the presence of the majestic Etna volcano.

Here you can discover an impressive wild landscape which provides an unforgettable experience to its visitors every year. Here the list of the most important associations in Catania where you can book your excursions:

Servolare Sport & Avventura Arrampicata

Estremo Sud Arrampicata

La Giara Arrampicata

Acquaterra Adventure Club Arrampicata

Sicilia Inside Arrampicata

Monti Rossi-Etna Adventure Park Arrampicata
Phone: +39 388 755 3812

AitneMed Arrampicata
Mobile: +39 3470800902
Mobile: +39 3488715908

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