Rock Climbing Clubs in Palermo

City of Palermo

If you are looking for some impressive location for your rock climbing sport activities, Palermo includes Mount Pellegrino which is considered the largest climbing area in Sicily.

Mount Pellegrino is over 600m high and extends from south to north for several kilometres, offering a challenging  sequence of limestone.Here you can choose more than 200 sports routes as well as classical paths. An other famous destination is Mount Gallo, an isolated mountain which is characterized by different peaks and some walls up to 400 metres. For this reason it is well known to be similar to Dolomites.

Here you can find the most important Rock Climbing Clubs in Palermo:

SkyBrothers A.S.D Arrampicata
Adress: via nino geraci 27-palermo
Mobile: +39 333 895 4373

Parco delle Madonie Equitas Arrampicata
Adress: Via Padre Farella, 2, 90028 Polizzi Generosa, Sicily, Italy
Phone: +39 0921688451

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  • Hello,

    We are two climbers who are going to be on the island for a few days. We already did a Top rope course and we have harness and shoes. We know how to belay. Is it possible to do a full day trip?

    Also I would like to know if you have leading climbing course.

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