Roman Amphitheatre in Catania

Catania City

The Roman Amphitheatre used to be the location for the Naumachie and today it is considered an open air museum. 

Piazza Stesicoro offers a wonderful view of the sunken Roman Amphitheatre ruins. As is the Roman tradition, it has a elliptical shape used for events and performances such as gladiator fights and the popular Naumachie, the famous naval battles that took place in the Amphitheatre after it has been filled with water. Second only to the Colosseum in Rome and the Verona Amphitheatre it could host 16,000 spectators in the 2nd century BC.
It was built in 300 BC with lava rock and then covered with marble. The Cavea, made by 14 steps, was the audience and orchestra space, but over time it acquired a very special meaning for Roman citizens, becoming a place where they shared opinions, creating a community that overrode their different social classes.

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