Roman Amphitheatre

Syracuse City

The Roman amphitheatre is an incredible testimony of the impressive history of Syracuse. 

The Roman amphitheatre, built from the 4C – 3C BC, is part of the interesting  Archaeological Park of Neapolis. It was created for attending the gladiatorial games. Considered the third largest in Italy after the Colosseum in Rome, it was built with an elliptical plan made of stone blocks and destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th century. Today it is possible to admire the seats, carved directly into the rock and the arena where a rectangular hole was used to contain all the performances materials.

Practical Informations

Adress: Via del Teatro Greco
Tel: 0931 66206 – 65068

Opening Hours: Mon -Sun 9.00 – 5.30pm

Tickets include the Arcaelogical park, the Greek theatre and the Roman amphitheatre
Adult: 10,00 €
Concession: 5,00 €

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