Santa Flavia beach

Province of Palermo

Santa Flavia beach has a charming rocky coastline with turquoise water

The coast of Santa Flavia is considered a precious treasure of Sicily due to its white rocks, its turquoise water and its many boats docked in the port. Seafood lovers will be delighted as there are some incredible recipes in the seaside village of Porticello, one of the most renowned town located along the Tyrrhenian coast which boasts a great fishing tradition with a fleet of over 400 boats. From this beach you can take a boat to the Secca delle Formiche (the Shoal of the Ants), a small and enchanting paradise fit for divers due to the presence of several species of fish. Finally, Santa Flavia is a strategic location for people who love going sightseeing because it is very easy to reach the enchanted archaeological sites of Solunto.

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on E90 to Via S. Giovanni Bosco/SP16 inBagheria. Take exit Bagheria from E90

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