Sciacca Beaches

Province of Agrigento

Sciacca includes many incredible beaches suitable for a holiday orientated towards culture and relaxation.

Sciacca is a small town well known for its several amazing beaches; in particular Lido di Tonnara, Stazzone, Lido di Foggia, Capo St. Marco, Lido Sovareto, and St. Giorgio. Defined by extended stretches of golden sand, these beaches are always considered by bathers to be a real haven. These beaches are suitable for a holiday orientated towards culture and relaxation. It’s easy to wile away the days on the beaches by simply enjoying nature and the views. However you’ll also find them to be a hive of activity, with opportunities for many water sports including surfing, canoeing and diving. Stunning sunsets and local food are perfect additions to this awesome experience.

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Let’s begin with Stazzone, considered as one of the most animated summer resorts near Sciacca it is well known for its nightlife, in particular for its restaurants and bars. The beach looks like a tiny lost paradise, with rocks and clear water allowing you to swim in a gorgeous sea, discovering the richness of marine flora will be an unforgettable experience.
Close to Stazzone you can find the famous Lido di Tonnara, which is considered one of the best and most beautiful beaches of the southern coast. It is characterised by stunning blue water and a sandy bottom. It is an ideal place for families as there are many playgrounds next to the beach for the children, while parents can chill out in the crystalline water. This beach has plenty of parking areas, with a veritable selection of places to eat and drink.
Continuing our journey along the seaside of Sciacca, we hit Lido di Foggia. This is the closest beach to downtown Sciacca so it can be reached by walking. Some people say that this is the wildest beach of the coast as there are few resorts, hotels or camping nearby and little tourism services. But for some this could be considered its strength and another reason that makes this sandy beach a place that must be visited.

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Capo St. Marco and Lido Sovareto, are two extended beaches where you can find long and wild stretches of sand and many typical Italian and Sicilian restaurants, as well as lots of touristic services that will help make your stay along the southern coast more comfortable.
Finally, last but not the least is the beach of St. Giorgio which is 7km away from the centre of Sciacca. The route to this beach is a very pleasant trip, with hardly any traffic you can enjoy the fantastic landscape of hills, admiring the alternating glimpses of sea and mountains specific to this area. The sandy beach and turquoise water will be a wonderful asset to your relaxing and unwinding holiday.

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