Specchio di Venere Lake

Island of Pantelleria

The Specchio di Venere is a charming location placed on the Island of Pantelleria which offers a very evocative natural environment. 

The Specchio di Venere (Mirror of Venus), is a wonderful lake considered one of the most charming and unique locations in Pantelleria. The lake offers a stunning view of the island and provides a unique experience to visitors thanks to its hot springs; the water has a temperature between 40°C and 50°C. Due to its volcanic origin, the alkaline waters are warm and rich in sulphur, minerals and nutrients which are used for spa treatments.
The huge presence of the famous natural mud depends on the summer low rainfall which reveals a vast expanse of land covered with the precious silt.
In spring and autumn the lake becomes an important observation location for bird-watching activities.
Today, the lake has been included in a nature reserve to protect its natural environment and the rare animal species that live there.
In addition, photography lovers can find an impressive and changeable landscape where the colour of the water turns into different shades of green depending on the time of day.

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