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Palermo City

Palermo is rich in incredible and typical street markets where you can discover a wide variety of local tasty foods and fresh organic products 

Generally speaking,  everyone should try the Italian noisy street markets at least once in a lifetime as a cultural experience. All these places are completely different from anywhere else in the world… but the Sicilian markets are an even more authentic example of daily life. Here in Sicily the chaotic and loud character of the typical Italian markets are mixed with a subtle twist of the Arabic bazaars.  A true feast for all the senses, these markets are immersed with vivid colours and strong scents of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. All types of local food can be found here. Locals stroll the streets in search of their fresh products and bargains. It almost feels like the louder the vendor shouts to promote his product, the better quality and fresher taste the product he is selling has!

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There are hundreds of markets spread around the city neighbourhoods but the typical ones to visit, for popularity and history, are the Ballaro’ Market, the Vucciria Market and the Market del Capo. Ballaro’ Market is where palermitans will be spotted doing their local shopping, the largest of the three markets. Vucciria Market is the most scruffy of the three but its historic relevance can be noted in one of the first panels when you enter the Royal Apartments in the Norman Palace. Currently it has become a fashionable place to hang out and drink in at night  for the young and alternative palermitan crowds. The Del Capo Market, which extends through the labyrinth of streets of  of the Albergheria and Capo neighbourhood, is concentrated mainly on food – especially fresh fish sale.

A true insight on the locals life is evident here in the streets of the markets!

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Admission Fee: free to observe and wander around.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 7.00-19.00 but the mornings are the best time to go as they are the busier

Address: Vucciria Market is in Piazza Caracciolo, Palermo

Ballaro’ Market is on Via Ballaro’, Palermo

Del Capo Market is on Via Cappuccinelle, Palermo

Tip: Beware of pickpocketers! Markets all around the world are a perfect setting for a thief to operate so always keep an eye on your personal belongings.

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