Streets of The Old City

Palermo City

The streets of the Old city includes the most important cultural attractions in Palermo

If you have time whilst visiting Palermo, consider just getting lost around the streets of the old city. This is the area around the Cathedral that covers the Ballaro’ Market, the churches La Martorana and San Cataldo, the Pretoria Fountain, the Quattro Canti baroque intersection, Vucciria Market and many more sites. Most of these places can be reached by walking down the main street of  Corso Vittorio Emanuele and just taking short detours onto the side streets. Ideally you could start from the Cathedral and make your way down to the port. If you still have time and energy you can choose to walk toward the port and take a left to the Vucciria Market that gets at its liveliest at night time, and continue towards Teatro Massimo, or to take a right and see the Oratorio of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Mirto, Garibaldi Gardens, the Inquisition Gardens and Piazza Bellini.

Tips: keep your eyes open and allow yourself to wander curiously.

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