Stromboli Crater

Aeolian Islands

Stromboli volcano offers an amazing experience to its visitors who can climb its crates attending the impressive eruptions at dusk. 

Stromboli is one of the most important Volcano in the world. It has continuous eruptions over 2000 years. This amazing volcano is well known around the world for its impressive and spectacular nighttime explosions that attracts many curios and tourists during the year. You can watch its majestic eruptions from the river or from the rim of an older crater which is located only 150 – 200 meters above the active craters. Because of its incredible eruptions, visible for long distances at night, it is known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” and locals refer to the volcano as a person calling it “Iddu” a dialect word which means “Him”.
Stromboli has an impressive ancient history and it was inhabited and founded by Greeks. By the twentieth century, after a violent eruption, the island was almost abandoned by survivors. Later thanks to the film Stromboli Terra di Dio (1950) by Roberto Rossellini, the island acquired an incredible visibility and tourism began to give new life to the location.
One of the best attraction of the volcano is the possibility to climb its craters. This is considered an exiting experience that is only permitted with an official guide. The excursions take place each day in the afternoon at 15.30 until 17.30. You can book the guided tour and the equipment as well as hiking boots in the village. This tour starts in the afternoon because the walk to reach the craters takes three hours so visitors are able to be on the top of the volcano for the for dramatic pyrotechnics at dusk. You need a specific equipment such as a backpack, clothing for cold and wet weather, clothing for cold and wet weather, an helmet (guides will give you one for free), a torch/flashlight, 1L to 2L of water and some food.

Before the hike, each participant must sign a document which certifies  you are in good health.

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