Temple of Apollo in Ortigia

Syracuse Centre

The Temple of Apollo is part of the charming ancient Island of Ortigia. 

Considered the oldest Doric temple in Sicily, the Temple of Apollo was built by Greek in VII-VI century. B.C. It is located in the fascinating centre of the Island of Ortigia close to Piazza XXV Luglio. Dedicated to Cleisthenes, a tyrant of Syracuse, the temple has massive proportions and it included six narrowly spaced columns on both sides with massive capitals.
On the east side it is possible to admire an unusual inscription containing an homage to Apollo.

If you want to discover more about the temple and its history, the Museum Paolo Orsi of Syracuse hosts a model of the building and a video reconstruction of the internal parts of the ancient temple.

Temple of Apollo in Ortigia body 1

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