Timpa di Acireale Nature Reserve

Province of Catania

Timpa di Acireale Nature Reserve includes the ancient village of Santa Maria La Scala. 

The Timpa di Acireale Nature Reserve, straddles for about six kilometres from Acque Grandi to Santa Maria degli Ammalati, part of the municipality of Acireale. The Timpa is a promontory of volcanic rocks sedimented over the millennia after many magmatic eruptions.
Located at the base of the central part of the Timpa di Acireale Nature Reserve  is the ancient and charming village of Santa Maria La Scala, which can be reached by walk following some of the natural paths provided. The most important are Chiazzette, The Old Railway and Acque Grandi paths.
Bushes, mirth, wild oleaster, wild asparagus, lentiscus and carob trees are the most common species preserved and a large variety of insects attracts lots of incredible bird species such as blackcaps, great tits, and warblers.

How to get there:

From Catania

Get on SS 114 Catania -Messina, exit Acireale
There is a parking area for bus located in the S. Maria degli Ammalati square and a car park near the main entrance of the Nature Reserve (Chiazzette path)

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