Torre Salsa beach

Province of Agrigento

Torre Salsa is a wonderful nature reserve including a stunning golden and wild beach. 

The origin of the name Torre Salsa comes from an old watch tower that’s located in the district of Siculiana Marina; but if you stand on the coast of this beach you could almost think you’re in Africa. This golden sandy beach has 13km of pure nature.

Torre Salsa Body 1Thanks to the great naturalistic impact in this area it was established as the Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa, introduced in June 2000 by WWF. This area covers 740 hectares of wild and natural seafront. Here you can find a plentiful variety of fish, and several types of rare plants such as the Acacia and the Aleppo pine.

Torre Salsa Body 2
The bay runs about 6 km long and the coastline is divided between the extended high rocks and some tiny beaches, most of which is unknown to many. When rocks cliffs into the water they create a gentle breeze, and if you look closely the sea colour turns from green to turquoise.

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