Tower of Ligny

Trapani City

The Tower of Ligny offers a wonderful view of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Built in defence of Saracen incursions in 1671, the Tower of Ligny is located in a strategic position where the Tyrrhenian Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. After it has been abandoned for a very long time it was reused as an anti-aircraft gun post during the II World War. Here it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the Egadi Islands and Erice framed by an astonishing natural environment.
The Tower of Ligny hosts the Prehistory and Archaeological Marine Museum, where you can admire a collection of truly incredible findings. It offers two different sections, the first is located on the ground floor and displays the Prehistoric period, while the second shows the archeological marine ruins discovered in the depths of the Mediterranean sea. One of the most important objects displayed in the museum is a Bronze helmet, which became very famous after its discovery in Trapani’s waters.


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