Vallone Calagna Nature Reserve

Province of Messina

The Vallone Calagna Nature Reserve has  beech and hazel forests and a prominent vegetation.

The Vallone Calagna Nature Reserve is part of Tortorici, a small village placed in the province of Messina. The reserve has an extension of 40 hectares and it was created in 2000 to preserve the endangered species of Falsa Sanicola, a typical plant of the Nebrodi area. Due to the humidity, its temperature and latitude, it is the perfect natural habitat for the Falsa Sanicola.

In this reserve there are also beech and hazel forests and a prominent vegetation which includes: clover meadows, common reed, creeping buttercup and rare typical species of Nebrodi. Moreover the area preserve lots of mammals such as porcupines, weasels, deers, wild cats and pine martens.

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