Zisa Castle

Palermo City

The Zisa Castle displays a wonderful mix of Arab, Latin and Byzantine elements.

The Zisa Castle was built from two Norman Kings of Sicily here in Palermo. The project, that started in 1153, did not follow the usual style used in the many churches and cathedrals built from the Normans where western architectural models were used. Instead, for the Zisa, the norman Kings wanted to prove their cultural openness towards Islam and symbolise their political objective to create a new mediterranean reign characterised from the fusion of the traditional central-european to that of the Arab, Latin and byzantine one.

Zisa Castle body 2

The Zisa castle was abandoned for a long time following periods of decay. It was then transformed into a fortified castle in the 14th century and constantly modified from the different owners. Today you can see on the two floors of this castle the changes and ruins of what was once the idea of the Normans to unify all the different cultures.

Save the best for last – when you exit the castle look at the well preserved facade!

Zisa Castle body 1

Admission Fee: €6.00 Full/ €3.00

Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-19.00/ Monday 9.00-13.45

Address: Piazza Guglielmo il Buono/ Piazza Zisa, Palermo

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