Province of Palermo

SINGLE Arab-Norman Palermo & The Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale

As if Palermo wasn’t already on the to do list when traveling to Sicily, now you have another great reason to visit: its just entered the World Heritage List of Sicily in 2015!

The majestic 9! With 7 civil and religious sites in Palermo and 2 cathedrals nearby in Cefalu’ and Monreale, the Arab-Norman itinerary has won the hearts of the Unesco. All these sites have been chosen because collectively they represent the era of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily (1130-1194), when the coexistence of Western, Islamic and Byzantine cultures gave rise to original architectural forms. What is also cool about the Arab-Norman itinerary is that it testimonies the coexistence of people from different origins and religions. The result of this unusual union is a unique series of churches, palaces, cathedrals and sites that will leave you in awe. From extremely bare to over decorated, each one very different from the other, these sites are truly unique. But the only way to fully experience their splendour is to go see it for yourself!

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