Calatafimi Segesta

Province of Trapani

Calatafimi Segesta and the Archaeological Park of Segesta are two important archaeological sites famous all over the world.

Calatafimi Segesta is located at the centre of an area tied closely to fascinating mythology such as the story of Hercules finding refreshment at the Bath of Segesta. Due to the colonisation of Elmi, today Calatafimi Segesta and the Archaeological Park of Segesta are two important archaeological sites famous all over the world thanks to the Doric temple, and the fascinating artefacts and tombs dating from the mid-fifth century. C. Another notable monument of this charming town is the Church of SS. Crucifix, rebuilt between 1741-1759 it is considered a jewel of neoclassical architecture, and one of the most beautiful churches in Sicily. The Madrice Church is characterised by a Baroque style and is one of the oldest churches located in the old part of Calatafimi. Other churches of inestimable beauty are the Church and Sanctuary of Mary SS.Ma of Giubino and St. Michael’s Church. In the oldest and most western part of the village you can find an old castle built in 1200, and although only a few ruins can be visited, thanks to its position you can admire a beautiful belvedere with a wide view of the city. If you want learn more about the history of Calatafimi you can plan a tour called “I 30 vicoli di Calatafimi” that offers a journey through the narrow streets of the village and a trip through the memories of its people.

A typical local food is the Cucciddatu di Calatafimi Segesta a special kind of bread baked since 1657 during the celebrations in honour of S.S. Crocifisso Padrone di Calatafimi.

There are two amazing events you shouldn’t miss: Tipicamente Tradizioni e Sapori a historical commemoration that promotes local traditions, and Calatafimi Medievale a medieval festival where the old district of Ciciara transforms into an ancient village with ladies, knights and merchant stalls selling traditional products and artefacts.

People live here:


Typical food:


Dolci di batìa

Cucciddatu di Calatafimi


Biscotti Regina


Sagra del maccherone, food festival

Tipicamente Tradizioni e Sapori, typical food festival

Sagra del Cucciddato, food festival

Presepe Vivente, holy traditional festivity

Presepi a bordo delle Fiat 500, traditional Christmas festival

La Mpupata, La Chiacchierata e L’Annacata a series of events connected to the traditional Carneval

Calatafimi Medievale, medieval festival

Festa dei funghi, food festival

Il Calatafimi Segesta Festival Dionisiache, art and culture festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Palermo-Trapani (A 29) exit Segesta, SS. 113 to Trapani, exit Calatafimi

From Trapani

Trapani- Palermo (A 29), exit Segesta, SS. 113 exit Vita e Pianto Romano

By Bus:

Tarantola Bus S.r.l

via Marina Petrolo, 16 C.ap. 91014 C/mare del Golfo

Ph.0924 31020

Segesta Autolinee

Via Libertà, 171 C.a.p. 90143 Palermo

Ph. 091 304106


B&B Bosco Vecchio

B&B Le Sagre

Holiday House Fronte Mare

B&B Da Matì 3 *

Resort Zahira

Mare Cultura Natura Bed & Breakfast

Lungomare ovest tre fontane, 91021 Tre Fontane TP

Ph. 0039 3336330355

Hotel Club Ramuxara

Via Tonnara Fontana, 91021 Campobello di Mazara TP

Ph. 0039 0924 945041

Giga Hotels

Via Tonnara Fontana, Tre Fontane,Campobello di Mazara TP

Ph. 0039 0924 80393


Tenute Margana

Contrada Pispisa-Segesta | A29 PA-TP exit Segesta dir. Bruca, 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 338 329 3872

Baglio Segesta

Contrada Pispisa, 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +393488830123

Ristorante Le Gole 

via Francesco Lentini, 9  Calatafimi Segesta

Mobile: 329 1072610 – 338 9216403

L’Agorà di Segesta 

C/da Barbaro, 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. 0924 954483

Poco Roba



Scopello beach

Castellammare del golfo

Riserva dello zingaro

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