Amici Miei… Ristoria


Amici Miei… Ristoria soon became a successful reality, thanks to the professionalism, experience and attentive service and the friendliness of the owners and staff, always ready to satisfy the palates of its customers in both the search for new flavours combined with the tastes of Sicilian cuisine, ethnic cuisine and national cuisine.

Every day the restaurant offers you lunch dishes always refined, always fresh and daily seafood, but also based on choices and prime meats.

It offers its clients the best Sicilian cuisine, made of simple and genuine recipes, prepared with selected ingredients and always in season.

The skilled hands of our chefs will donate new flavour notes to each dish that will be a real treat for you and for your palate.

The restaurant Amici Miei… Ristoria is the ideal venue for business dinners and special occasions and meetings to remember with pleasure; a warm and friendly atmosphere will brighten your dinners where quality and good eating are available to everyone.

Visit us and try our many culinary delights!