Osteria Del Campanile


The location of the “Osteria del Campanile” restaurant is under the Loggia dei Mercanti, behind the splendid cathedral of the “DOME” which, with its “campinile” (bell), characterises the square, making it unique in its kind; by the latter named after our local.  For over 30 years we have tried to meet the needs of our customers; keeping alive old “Messinesi” traditions guaranteeing a high quality standard, thanks to the use of quality local raw materials.  A lunch break, a romantic dinner, an important ceremony, each event will be an opportunity not to be missed to savour and experience the warmth of our hospitality.  Our cuisine ranges from simple dishes to the great culinary dishes, the chef “Mimmo” for 40 years in the catering sector has transmitted to his collaborators a loving kindness in handling the raw materials strictly from the island, creating a combination of quality and of a traditional nature.