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Alia is a well preserved Medieval village, characterised by an abundance of vegetation.

Thanks to its location close to the Madonie Park, the most important mountain group in Sicily, Alia is also known as a Garden town. It is a well preserved Medieval village, characterised by an abundance of vegetation which creates a wonderful environment and breathtaking panoramas.
The Guccione family moved to Alia in the 17th century and started the construction of some of the most important monuments of the village. The Guccione Palace is considered one of the most charming examples of an Art Nouveau building in Sicily. Designed by Ernesto Basile this monument shows an interesting facade where it is possible to admire Renaissance and art nouveau decorative elements mixed with the typical traits of nineteenth century Sicilian architecture. Furthermore, Alia offers other impressive cultural attractions such as: The Church of Maria SS. di tutte le Grazie, considered the most important holy place of the village, it was built in 1639 by Francesca Cifuentes Imbarbara with a late Renascence style enriched by massive Baroque decorative elements. The Statua del Bagnasco included in the Mausoleum of Guccione, is an amazing monumental tomb built in 1870. Today it is known as one of the most significant and well preserved aristocratic tomb of the area.
The Anthropological museum includes impressive remains of the Cholera victims from 1837. The Ethno-anthropological museum displays many objects and artefacts to celebrate the ancient traditions of the village.
Close to the downtown centre, it is possible to visit the Gurfa Caves Urban Reserve. The name, Gurfa, derives from the Arab word “gurfah” which means “storage”; this group of artificial caves has six caverns used to preserve the wheat and they also include a well preserved necropolis.

People live here:



Festa di Maria Santissima di tutte le Grazie, it is a very important holy celebration dedicated to the Patron Saint of Alia involving the main four churches of the village. (2/07)

“Tavulata de virgineddi”, this fest is dedicated to an ancient tradition organised to honour the patriarch San Giuseppe.                                                                                                                                                      Sagra della Salsiccia, food festival

Festa di Primavera ad Alia, this fest is a celebration of the Spring time. (21/03)

Sicilialleva ad Alia this is a cultural event rich of art, music and theatre performances (24 – 26/04)

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo and Agrigento:

Take Autostrada PA-AG exit Manganaro

From Catania:

Take Autostrada CT-PA, exit Tre Monzelli and continue to Mandragiumenta-Alia

From Messina and Cefalù:

Take SS 113 to Montemaggiore-Alia

By Bus:

Ortolano & Puglisi, Bus line (from Palermo, Piazza Magione).

By Train:

the nearest railway station is Roccapalumba-Alia. (5km from the city centre)


Country House Al Lago Verde

B&B Villa della Mimosa

Country House Villa Dafne

Country House Acque di Palermo

Country House / Bio FarmDara Guccione

Casa Vacanze “Sagona” Apartment

C.da Cugno Incatena – 90021 – ALIA  (Pa)

Mobile: +39 328 36 70 33

Casa Vacanze “Rosy House” 

C.da Santa Rosalia – 90021 – ALIA  (Pa)

Mobile: +39  320-4754552 – +39 091 8214442



Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 6, 90021

Ph. 0918214009

Al Lago Verde di Giuseppina D’Andrea

Contrada Timpi, 90021 Alia PA

Ph. 091 821 9121

Villa Dafne

                                                                                                                                                                                            Ristorante L’archi  

via Archi, Alia, Sicilia, Italia



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