Province of Trapani

Mozia is a charming tiny village rich in history where it is possible to discover impressive archaeological findings dating back to the fourth century BC.

On the island of San Pantaleo, the Phoenicians created a prosperous colony called Motya. The strategic location of Mozia and the shallow waters of the lagoon made ​​it a coveted area by the Carthaginians and the Syracusans. Completely destroyed in the fourth cenutury BC, it was rediscovered only at the end of the last century thanks to the studies of Joseph Whitaker. For this reason the village created the Whitaker museum which hosts a massive collection of archaeological finds discovered between 1906 and 1927.
Mozia offers many archaeological sites spread across the land, many of which are still being excavated, but the most evocative include a mysterious water basin suspected of being a location for child sacrifices, the Casermetta, the Necropoli and the Tofet, a typical Phoenician- Punic religious sanctuary. The old ruins and gateways in the village are very charming and fascinating.

It is famous for:

the Sicilan-English ornithologist Giuseppe Whitaker

How to get there:

To rich the island you need to go to Trapani and then follow the directions to the Saline di Marsala – Stagnone. There you can get the ferry to go to the island.


Mazara del Vallo

Stagnone Nature Reserve

Favignana island

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