Province of Siracusa

Pachino is famous for its delicious typical products.

Pachino, located in the South-eastern part of the province of Siracusa, straddled between Ionio and Mediterranean Sea, is the city of Nero d’Avola wine and cherry tomatoes. The area surrounding Pachino is rich of archaeological pieces thanks to the discovery of various stages of prehistoric eras, from Paleolithic to Neolithic and Metal Ages. In the surroundings we can find medieval towers, ancient tuna traps and old manor farms with an abundance of archaeological evidences. In the northern part of Pachino, towards Noto, it is possible to admire the wonderful Vendicari Natural Oriented Reserve, a paradise that offers charming sceneries made of humid, rocky and sandy environments with an absolutely rare and ecologically important flora & fauna.

The most important beaches close to Pachino are Lido, Cavettone, Morghella, Cuffara, Costa dell’Ambra, Scarpitta, Chiappa and Raneddi. All these beaches are well known for their amazing sandy bays and a clear and pristine water.

People live here: 


It is famous for:

The director Gian Paolo Cugno

The writer Vitaliano Brancati

Typical Food:

The typical potatoes of Syracuse

Melone Pachino IGP, (melon)

Cherry Tomatoes    

XII edizione Inverdurata,
the festival shows incredible mosaic made by vegetables.
Festa del Vino novello,
a festival that celebrates the new wine of the year.

Sagra della “Mustata” e del “Pistammutta”, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Siracusa

Take A18/E45 to Strada Provinciale 59/SP59 in Noto. Take exit Noto from A18/E45


B&B Resort Torrefano    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              B&B Silver’s House

Agriturismo La Vignazza Agriturism 

U Palazzieddu

Via R. Pilo, 16, 96018 Pachino, Sicilia, Italia

Nature Reserve of Costa di Carro

Shalai Luxury Apartments

Agriturismo Mediterraneo Contrada Spinazza (Marzamemi)

Agriturismo Le Tre Rose Contrada Triona (presso S.P. Pachino – Noto)

cell +39 333 9919609;



Pizza Vittorio Emanuele, 96018 Pachino, Sicilia, Italia Tel. +39 0931 181 0758

Pizzeria Fast and Furius

Ristorante Acquario

Pescheria Gastronomica Bluefish

Via Dello Stadio 2, 96018 Pachino, Sicilia, Italia

tel: +(39)0931554541

Il tuo gelato

Via Ferrucci 220, 96018

tel: +(39)0931595686

Caffe al Ciclope     





Costa dell’Ambra





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