Province of Ragusa

Scicli is considered as one of the most important treasure of Sicily.

Scicli is a majestic Baroque village, its old town centre has been declared World Heritage in 2002 by UNESCO with Val di Noto. This charming and fascinating village is widely renowned for some important celebrations like Festa delle Milizie, a long-week celebration honouring the 1091 battle for the liberation of Sicily from the Saracens;  Il Gioia is the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, taking place on Easter Day, called Uomo Vivo. The wooden Christ statue is paraded along the town’s streets and people make it sway and dance around as a sign of joy all day long and the Cavalcata di San Giuseppe which is a medieval commemoration. Otherwise Scicli offers a long series of festivals as the Tomato Festival, Basole di Luce Festival, Carnaluvaru ra Stratanova,  that is accompanied by performances, parades and allegorical floats.
Scicli has a really long coast, with two promontories which characterise a wide sandy bay extending to Sapieri’s residential area. Continuing on the coastal road it is possible to find the Nature Reserve of Costa di Carro and the Cava d’Alga with its low and sandy coast.

People live here:

Festa delle Milizie
Il Gioia
La Cavalcata di San Giuseppe, medieval festival
Sagra della seppia, local food festival where it is possible to eat incredible tasty traditional dishes,
Marzo Mese Della Cultura, festival of art and culture
Sagra del Pomodoro, Sampieri, this festival celebrates the importance of the production of the local cherry tomatoes
Basole Di Luce festival, a series of cultural attività such as music performances, lectures and theatral shows
Carnaluvaru ra Stratanova,the local carnival festival

How to get there:
From Catania
Follow A18 to Strada Provinciale 26/E45 in Rosolini, take the exit toward Siracusa/Ragusa/Cantania Centro/Aeroporto/Porto, take SS115, Strada Provinciale 96/SP96, Strada Provinciale 75/SP75 and Strada Provinciale 41 to Corso Giuseppe Mazzini in Scicli


Hotel Borgo Hedone 5 *

Hotel 900 4 * Superior

Hotel Baia Samuele 4 *

Scicli Hotel Diffuso

B&B Scicli 3 *

Hotel Acqua Marina 4 *

Hotel Zafran 4 *

B&B Casa Lucrezia

B&B Conte Ruggero 3 *

B&B Marchisi

Villa Casa Imbastita

B&B Casa di Pam 3 *


La Grotta

Osteria Tre Colli                                                                                                               

Ristorante Quore Matto                                                                                                          

Pasticceria Pisana                                                                                                               

Zero Nove Street Food

Costa di Carro
Cava d’Aliga
Playa Grande

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