Bell Tower And Astronomical Clock

Messina City

The Astronomical Clock is an amazing attractions in the city of Messina. 

“The lion will roar, the cock will crow, the music will play and the characters will dance.” Make sure to find yourself in Piazza Immacolata di Marmo right before noon to witness the spectacle of the astronomical clock on the bell tower. The bell tower of messina contains the biggest and most complex astronomical clock in the world.

This animated clock announces to the city that its noon in an unusual way: with a fierce lion roars and a loud cock crows, then the music and the statues move around and act out a story. It is created on different levels of the tower. In total the show lasts about 10 minutes.

Built in 1933 from the company  Ungerer from Strasburg, the Astronomical Clock on the Bell Tower is part of the cathedral of Messina. The technical part of the clock was devised by Frederic Klinghammer, while the artistic part was based on Teodore Ungerer’s work. You can see the show free of charge but if you care to see an arial view of Messina and admire the bronze statues, then you can go up the Bell tower from inside.

Admission Fee: €4.00 Full/ €2.00 reduced for children under 18 years of age

Opening Times: May to October: 10.00am to 1pm Monday to Saturday/ November to April: opening under reservation

Address: Piazza Duomo

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